Ellie Bedford


How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for
Kids!’ is a magical themed healthy how_to_eat_a_rainbowchildren’s recipe book that targets the most difficult dietary areas: treats, snacks, and drinks. All the recipes are also refined sugar free and gluten free, and, eaten alongside a balanced whole foods diet, these recipes can add an extra boost of energy and get kids excited about healthy eating!

With recipes by me and beautiful illustrations by my artist Sister-in-Law Sabrina, How to Eat a Rainbow really teaches children how to fill their plates with fruits and vegetables in all the colors of the rainbow, and the importance of eating a variety of colors every day. Each recipe is a world children can dive into while they unpack the ingredients and make their own work of art. These fairies are hard at work (though some are a bit lazy) and are meant to feel like part of the team, chopping down towering stalks of celery, plucking grapes, and enchanting the seeds!

Details on where you can buy the book, both as an ebook and in hardback are found on Vegan Publishers website!





The Superdrink Handbook for Kids!

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and tasty way to boost your family’s nutrition, look no further superdrinkthan The Superdrink Handbook for
Featuring twenty exciting refined sugar free and vegan recipes that kids will love and that will make a wonderful addition to adult
diets as well. Kids will enjoy making these easy hot, cold, and frozen drinks like the “Superhero Protein Shake” to bring out their
inner hero! This eco conscious book includes plenty of ‘star local ingredients’ that highlight how beneficial the foods we have right
on our doorstep are, providing an alternative to expensive imported superfoods, all while learning the benefits of the healthy ingredients!
From energy boosting smoothies to calming teas, your children (and you) will love making and drinking these super drinks!

Buy the ebook on Vegan Publishers website! Also available on Amazon.